Happy Halloween~!

It’s halloween today and I actually have a lot to do right now … I’m really lazy though so I’ll clean after. I’m actually having a party at my house tomorrow and it’s from 3-10 so i have to get everything ready. To celebrate halloween I’m going out with some friends to a party tonight. I can’t wait, it’s going to be fun. I thought Halloween would get boring once i got older because the thrill of getting free candy just kind of fades. Little did I know there are more exciting things happening on that night.

Hallowe’en is linked to a Celtic holiday called Samuin. It’s a celebration of ‘summer’s end’ and welcomes the darker part of the year which is typically winter. On this day for some reason the walls between the living world and the dead are much slimmer. This allows spirits to pass through quite easily. In order to ward off the evil spirits everyone dressed in scary costumes to be mistaken for an evil spirit and avoid harm.


Enjoy your halloween ~


~ by fae on 31/10/2009.

5 Responses to “Happy Halloween~!”

  1. Wow! I never knew that. Well it’s not a habit in my country unfortunatedly. 😦
    So anywayz, how did it go? 😀

  2. I live in Romania. Sometimes i feel like i was born in the wrong country. Teehee!
    Did you have Halloween costumes? 😀

    • Romania?! That’s amazing haha. Sometimes i feel like i was born in the wrong country too (:
      And yes everyone was encouraged to wear costumes to liven things up. I was a cowgirl ~

  3. Iiiiihaaaa!! 😀 I bet it was a blast!

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