I’ve been really busy with school lately and havent posted anything since God knows when. I hope I can get more free time so I can keep posting and read everyone’s blogs (: 


  • Lately I’ve been writing music with some friends and my guitar! It’s lots of fun and we’re busy preparing for a show.
  • I started watching Midori no Hibi after reading Yoko-chan’s review on it. Makes me laugh everyday~
  • I’m in the middle of Cross Game which is a really cute slice of life/sport anime
  • My brother has been bugging me to buy the pc game Aion and I’ve been having some fun with that
  • other than that it’s been tests, homework, projects……   

~ by fae on 08/11/2009.

One Response to “Busy.”

  1. Weeee! Midori no Hibi rullz! I’m glad you like it. I think i’ll watch it again pretty soon. There hasn’t been another anime that made me laugh like that. 😀

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