Cross Game

ayeeeeee long time no post. I’ve been really busy with a shit load of things, but I did of course have enough time to satisfy my anime addiction (: I started Cross Game awhile back when I was watching Canaan and now I’m pretty far into it. Cross game is a sport anime (baseball) but it’s also slice of life. It’s on going and currently has 33 episodes. I’ve honestly always hated baseball, but now whenever Kou steps up to the mound to pitch I’m on the edge of my chair counting how many batters he gets out! I found out about this anime after reading a magazine that had a review in it. The author of the manga is none other than Mitsuru Adachi who is well known for creating the manga series Touch. At first glance the anime isn’t very attractive as the artwork is very different and the story begins by following grade five students. But the more you watch it, the more a tragic story unfolds and you just get completely sucked in. (LIKE A BLACK HOLE ^^) Into the middle of the series it becomes more of a romantic comedy. The character development in the series is absolutely fantastic which makes you feel really close to the characters. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.






~ by fae on 19/11/2009.

3 Responses to “Cross Game”

  1. Heeey welcome back! 😀
    I’m not very much into sports animes, but i’ve heard of a few that sounded really interesting. Just like this one. However… i’m not so sure about the baseball thing. I never even understood how this is played, i don’t see any logic in it, i just don’t like it. 😀 Still… being an anime i might give it a go. 🙂

    • The focus isnt mainly on baseball which is why i took a liking to it. I didnt know anything about how it was played either but now i could list off all the positions needed for a baseball team and what they do. it’s definitely a diamond in the rough~

  2. This really sounds interesting. I have a bit of a hard time right now and i don’t have any free time at all, but i will get to see it somehow. 😀

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