Synesthesia is a  neuro condition where there is a mixing of your five senses.  Although it is rare to find synesthetes (a person with synesthesia) many people are born with mild cases. Many examples of synesthesia are used in modern speech such as “sharp cheddar” and “loud shirt”. Synesthetes can often hear colours and/or see sounds. Those who live with their synesthesia for a long period of time grow accustomed to it and wouldn’t want to be without it. Those that obtain synesthesia for a short period of time (i.e. concussion or after a drug dose) often feel very uncomfortable because of the mixing of the senses. In the anime CANAAN, on of our main characters, Canaan (hence the anime’s title) has the ability of synesthesia. She sees numbers and letters in different colours. This form of synesthesia is called color-graphemic synesthesia. She also mentions that people have different colours to reflect their emotions (like a mood ring). This ability becomes very handy when she’s going against the bad guys (:

This is what a group of numbers could look like to someone who has color-graphemic synesthesia.

 pretty neat eh?


~ by fae on 20/11/2009.

One Response to “SYNESTHESIA.”

  1. Wow! This is interesting! Have to check Canaan out as well!

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