About Me.

Why hello there. I see you’ve stumbled upon my blog. My name is Fae. I’m 16 years old and currently attending highschool. I live in beautiful T-dot, Ontario. My past-times include playing guitar, singing, playing lacrosse, wasting time on mmo’s and wasting even more time watching anime. In case you’re still unsure yes I am a female. This is my blog .  Well enough about me, how about you? (:


3 Responses to “About Me.”

  1. Hey there, Fae! Nice to meet you and i’m glad i’ve stumbled upon your blog. I’ll be sure to check it out constantly as i share the same addiction for animes. 😀

    • Ha ha. Nice to meet you Yoko-chan! (: I’ll be reading yours in a little while. It’s nice to know i’m not the only one addicted~

  2. Oh i was quite shocked to find out how many anime addicts there are all over the world! 😀 We’re taking over the world! LOL

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