Another school week

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WOW. Im so tired from the weekend, I almost feel asleep in math class!  The parties this weekend were great, i got to see a lot of new people and old friends. By the time everyone left at 11 last night i was about to collapse. Of course i had to help clean up, so i have no idea what time it was when i finally hit the sack. Well that was the end of October and November is here to stay. Lets welcome the fall and another school week ~


Happy Halloween~!

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It’s halloween today and I actually have a lot to do right now … I’m really lazy though so I’ll clean after. I’m actually having a party at my house tomorrow and it’s from 3-10 so i have to get everything ready. To celebrate halloween I’m going out with some friends to a party tonight. I can’t wait, it’s going to be fun. I thought Halloween would get boring once i got older because the thrill of getting free candy just kind of fades. Little did I know there are more exciting things happening on that night.

Hallowe’en is linked to a Celtic holiday called Samuin. It’s a celebration of ‘summer’s end’ and welcomes the darker part of the year which is typically winter. On this day for some reason the walls between the living world and the dead are much slimmer. This allows spirits to pass through quite easily. In order to ward off the evil spirits everyone dressed in scary costumes to be mistaken for an evil spirit and avoid harm.


Enjoy your halloween ~

Anime North 2010

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Me and my friend Tammy are planning costumes for a cosplay convention this May (ANIME NORTH). It’s going to be held in Toronto and it’s a huge event every year. We want to make the costumes ourselves so we plan on starting early. I’ve been brainstorming ideas and I’ll probably chose between D.gray-man’s Lenalee and Code Geass’ C.C. Tam is looking at Yuki from Vampire Knight.


C.C. from Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion


C2 cosplay



Yuki Cros from Vampire Knight


Yuki Cosplay

Review of S.A.

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Special A is a shoujo romantic/comedy. The overall story wasn’t anything special that hasn’t been played out already. It was the basic “I love her/him but they’re to ignorant to see it”. At the beginning of the anime I found myself frustrated with Hikari because she couldn’t take a hint. It was annoying at first, how she always came to the conclusion of ‘Rival’ to explain everything. I was so overjoyed when she finally realized her true feelings, that i almost fell out of my chair. I couldn’t believe it took her that many episodes. In the first episode I thought the characters were drawn kind of awkwardly. Their frames were tall and skinny. In my opinion I would’ve preferred the girls shorter. The way the limbs were drawn also bothered me. They were mainly straight with no curves. You easily get accustomed to it though. Other than that things were fine. The character development was great in this anime. Even though the main focus was Hikari and Kei, each episode was themed around a different character each time. You got to know a lot of background info which helped explain the character’s personalities. Overall it was a decent anime. Lots of laughs. Lots of fun. Pleasure to watch.



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Hitsugaya is beautiful
Hitsugaya is gorgeous.

Okay I’m going to admit my love for Hitsugaya Toshiro from bleach. I’ve had a huge thing for him for a loooooong time. I don’t know why but he’s just so cute. You can’t deny it. So here is a post to satisfy my fetish.

-Tenth Company Captain-
Birthday: December 20th
Height: 4’4″
Weight: 62 LBS
Zanpakuto: Hyourinmaru
Hair: Silver
Eyes: An emerald colour

~I’ll marry him one day.

Naruto Shippuden 133

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This episode picks up from 132 where Jiraiya is fighting Pain… who is actually like 6 people …. who is actually one person named Nagato. Jiraiya only manages to kill one of his god-knows-how-many bodies before he’s killed. This was a really dramatic episode. Poor Tsunade doesn’t have anyone to tease anymore. I was really surprised the ‘prophesied’ one turned out to Naruto. I was always under the impression it was Pain with his rennegagagaannblah whatever it is. great episode. can’t wait to see the reactions of the other characters. (:


And so ends The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya .

Bleach 243

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Okay so basically nothing happened in this episode. It was just a bunch of garb. We still don’t know why Byakuya is helping the zanpakuto and we don’t know where the hell the Captain Commander is. It was just a load of fighting scences. But hey, they got a new opening and ending AND we found out that kira is pretty attractive.